SEARCH FOR PARTNERS – “HR policy in schools”

We are looking for partners with interest in our subject “HR policy in schools” with a focus on senior teachers. 

We like to involve both higher education institutions and (consortiums of) preprimary, primary and secondary education schools to participate. 

Please help to spread the flyer: 20210129 flyer call for partners EU project HR senior teachers



There is an increasing need for a motivating HR-policy We observe an increasing need for a motivating HR-policy for senior teachers (age 55+) in Europe. On the one hand, the age for retirement is being raised in all European countries, leading to a growing number of senior teachers. On the other hand, senior teachers are prone to burn-out, sickness, … which leads to a loss of engagement in the profession and performance loss (e.g., long-lasting sick leave). Together with a decreasing amount of starting teachers, this leads to a pressing teacher shortage in European countries which needs to be tackled soon (European Commission/EACEA/Eurydice, 2018). 

To date, there is a lack of motivating HR-policy in education in general and for senior teachers in particular. Nevertheless, literature points to the importance of both personal resources and job resources (e.g., motivating HR policy) to keep professionals engaged in their work (Schaufeli & Bakker). The goal of our project idea is to raise awareness and to improve HR-policy in European (pre)primary and secondary schools, with a focus on senior (or late career) teachers. Therefore we aim to 

(1) develop and spread a questionnaire to examen the engagement of senior teachers and the personal and job resources they have this will give us an overview of the engagement of senior teachers in European countries. 

 (2) collect and spread good examples of practice concerning HR policies for late career professionals à this will lead to an opinion article to raise awareness for this theme and to spread the good examples of practice 

(3) develop and evaluate HR policies which can be used in schools with a focus on late career professionals in (pre-) primary and secondary education. These will lead to validated HR practices for a motivating HR policy in schools with a focus on senior teachers 

We would like to try out the questionnaire and HR practices in the schools engaged in the project. 


Search for partners deadline: 1st May 2021 

Proposal writing process: 1st May 2021 -1st February 2021. 

Submittal proposal for Erasmus + funding: EU call spring 2022 


Best before 31st March 2021 


Bakker, A. B., & Demerouti, E., 2017. Job Demands-Resources Theory: Taking stock and looking forward. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 22(3), 273-285 

Bogaerts, I. Borzée, M., & Vancraeyveldt, C., 2020. Bevlogenheid versterken bij senior leraren kleuter-, lager en secundair onderwijs. UCLL: Impulsonderzoek 

European Commission/EACEA/Eurydice, 2018. Teaching Careers in Europe: Access, Progression and Support. Eurydice Report. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union. 

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