Editorial JETEN 2020 – a year to remember

This is the 15th volume of the Journal of the European Teacher Education Network (JETEN) and the 8th volume online. Unfortunately, it contains less articles than the average Journal of the European Teacher Education Network as the 2020 annual ETEN Conference as planned to take place in Esbjerg, Denmark had to be postponed due to the worldwide Covid-19 crisis. Traveling became restricted to most ETEN members to prevent further spreading of the virus. In order to give ETEN members and conference delegates the opportunity to publish the work they had wanted to present about at the annual conference, it was decided to publish a new edition of JETEN. In normal circumstances JETEN only publishes work that has been presented at annual ETEN conferences.

The 15th volume of the Journal of the European Teacher Education Network contains five articles. Maher Bahloul (United Arab Emirates) wrote an article, titled ‘Making short films in a foreign language: a performative pedagogy that pushed textbooks of the scene’. This article demonstrates ways in which short film production is integrated in teaching and learning new languages. Edita Musneckiene (Lithuania) wrote about inclusive education in the arts. Her article aimed to investigate how inclusive practices are implemented in art education in different types of schools and settings. It shows challenges, practices and experience in Lithuania. The article by Karen Hudson, David Littlefair, and Joanne Clifford-Swan (United Kingdom) was titled: ‘Are trans-national Professional Development Programmes doomed to fail to influence student outcomes?’ It is concerned with Trans-national Professional Development delivered by one UK higher educational institution and delivered to Chinese Teachers. The fourth article was ‘Using a picture to challenge creativity in mathematics class with 1st and 6th graders’, written by Paulo Miranda & Ema Mamede (Portugal). It focuses on first- and sixth-graders’ performance on posing problems. Last, but not least, Anna Bahrenscheer and Mathilde Sederberg (Denmark) wrote an article, titled ‘Preschool teacher’s courage and physicality in risk-filled play’, in which they show and discuss the role of preschool teachers working with risk-filled play in a physical and didactic perspective.

As Editorial Board, we gratefully acknowledge the work of the TIG leaders who organized the conference sessions and make possible the existence of this journal by the oral presentations that occur within their TIG and that become the set of articles that we submit to the peer review process. Each proposal was blind-reviewed by a minimum of two referees and those accepted were then revised by the authors as requested. Finally, our sincere gratitude to the authors who submitted proposals to JETEN as well as to all the referees who carefully reviewed them and provided sound feedback to the authors. 

The Editorial Board 

Link to JETEN 2020

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