The Conference – more information!

Very welcome to the 2021 ETEN on-line conference Friday April 23.

The conference has been planned and organized  by a planning group: Ann
Emonds, Ben Bartles, Michel Hogenes, Anna Valboa, Mikkel Högsbro, Mats
Olsson and the ETEN board members.

Many thanks to you all for making this possible. I hope it will be a
fruitful, fun and engaging afternoon for you all.

This is the link – do not spread outside the ETEN organisation!
Meeting ID: 661 3694 0582

The program:

There will be separate TIG sessions 15.00-16.30. You will receive a link to
your dedicated TIG room during the conference in the chat.

Looking forward to meet you all!

Mats Johnsson
President ETEN

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