TIG: Identity and diversity

Dear participants of the TIG Identity and Diversity,

A few weeks ago I’ve invited you by teams for the TIG meeting Identity and Diversity at the 23th of April at our Annual online ETEN conference.
Looking forward to meet you all, although it is online,.More people will probably join the TIG but they’ll find the link on the chat during the conference.
A small overview of our TIG program:We have one and a half hour
-A short introduction: name and institute, country
-Then we’ll have three presentations of a total of 25 minutes eachEach presentation of max 15 minutes so we’ve 10 minutes for discussion.We’ll have some time left but I am convinced that during the discussions time flies 🙂

The next persons wil give a presentation:

*Prof. Dr. Anatoli RakhkochkineStandardization and  Diversity in International Online Student Teaching Internships 

*Kirsten Margrethe Andersen and Lakshmi Sigurdsson 
Identity and Formation in Religious Education
*Marketa Sedlakova Teachers as leaders: Global learning and social justice

Extending critical internationalization to teacher education

Hereby once again the link for the TIG time 15.00-16.30 of the TIG meeting Identity and Diversity

Link to teams

All the best and, once again, looking forward!
Warm regards
Astrid de Keizer
Docent godsdienst-levensbeschouwing
Coördinator 3de jaars voltijd internationalisering

Lector  religion and philosophy
Member of the board of the European Teacher Education Network (ETEN)
E-mail: keizer.de.a@hsleiden.nl
Mobiel: +31 (0) 6 – 48 13 38 29

University of Applied Sciences
Faculty of Education
Zernikedreef 11
P.O. box 382 
2300 AJ  Leiden

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