TIG: Special education needs


Programme, APRIL 23, 2021

Dear Special Educational Needs TIG Colleagues,

So looking forward to seeing you all again, even though it is on Zoom this year.  This year we only have one and half hours in our TIG group but we will definitely make the most of it.  We are so excited to have three excellent presentations (unfortunately time will only allow presentations of 20 to 25 minutes, but will make the most of our time together.


Welcome and short introductions

Presentation by Thomas Schrei, Kirchliche Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems, Vienna, Austria

Title:  School Placement under Covid-19 – possibilities for digital ways to welcome students in classes (project with Driestar University NL and KPH Vienna/Krems)


The KPH Vienna/Krems and Driestar University in Holland have a regular student exchange for a whole week in autumn.
During this week, students will have lectures at the partner university (mainly about school system, history, inclusion) and 5 days in different primary school classes at our Campus. There they observe the regular classes using standardized observation manuals, start to plan lessons on their own together with the head teacher of the class and – at the last day – teach in class.
To allow this, the students stay in contact with the head teacher even prior to their visit online – also in times pre Covid-19.

Because of Covid-19 we had to cancel the visit this year, but moved to an Virtual exchange ( Collaborative Online International Learning – COIL).

The presentation will show the different phases of this virtual exchange and also an anticipation of future priorities within the framework of Erasmus+:

Building inclusive higher education systems The programme will foster inclusive approaches for the mobility and cooperation activities such as a) increased access, participation and completion rates of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups; b) development and implementation of flexible mobility formats (short, virtual and blended)


Presentation by:

Jordan Shurr, PhD- Associate Professor, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Mona Holmqvist, PhD- Professor, Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden.

Alexandra Minuk, MEd Student, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Title: What about the families?: A systematic review of research on family perspectives of inclusive education for students with intellectual disability.

Abstract: This presentation will describe a systematic review of international research on inclusive education from the perspective of families of individuals with intellectual disability. Themes including publication date, methodology, and general findings will be described. Attendees are expected to come away with a fuller picture of what we know and do not know from this specific and important stakeholder, families, in regards to inclusive education.  

Presentation by:

Mona Holmqvist, Malmö University (scientific director SET graduate school for teacher educators)

SEN education at the teacher training at Malmö University

Balli Lelinge and Mona Holmqvists

SEN education at the teacher training at Kristianstad University

Linda Ewe Plantin, Kamilla Klefbeck, and Helena Sjunnesson

SEN education at the teacher training at Linneaus University

Helene Egerhag, Malin Gardesten, Birgitta Lundbäck and Camilla Nilvius.

SEN education at the teacher training at University of Gothenburg

Emma Leifler and Linda Petersson

Title:  Affordances of SEN knowledge during teacher education in Sweden

Abstract:  In this session, the Swedish pre-service teacher education will be presented, with a focus on in what way special educational content are present in the general courses of the program. The presenters are all teacher educators and doctoral students, in the national graduate school in special education for teacher educators. This means, all of them are active teacher educators who have taught becoming teachers for a while, but without a doctoral degree. The graduate school is funded by the Swedish Research Council, and the doctoral students will present their theses in 2021-2022. The aim of the session is also to present the results of an assessment of SEN content in the general courses at the pre-service training from four Swedish universities, as well as discuss with the audience who the situation is in other countries. The analysis is based on syllabus, literature and the lectures. How to deal with the decreasing number of teachers, and by that even less number of SEN-teachers, is another important topic for all presenters, as education for all will be challenged if there is a future lack of qualified teachers to meet students in problematic school-situations regardless of the content offered during pre-service training.  

The questions guiding the above presented study are:

  1. What SEN content has been identified at the four different universities regarding, ECTS, goals and literature?
  2. Which are the themes of the content offered and in what way are the themes connected to the teachers’ becoming work at school?
  3. In what way do the courses offer the students’ special didactics knowledge of how to handle teaching in different subjects for students in SEN?

First, a short overview of the situation at the different universities will be presented (5 minutes/each), as outlined below, followed by a synthesis of the results to be discussed with the participants at the seminar.

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