Breaking news – Vienna April 21-23 2022


  • Wednesday 20th April 2022: Pre – conference for students (Erasmus+)
  • Thursday 21st April 2022: Opening of Conference in the afternoon
    • ECO/TIG leader meeting
    • Opening
    • Lectures (Prof. Dr. theol. lic. phil. Peter G. Kirchschläger )
    • Come together at the Campus
  • Friday 22nd April 2022: TIG Meetings / School visits
  • Saturday 23rd April 2022
    • 3 short statements from experts
    • Discussion – using digital media, questions can be put to the experts during the individual lectures
    • Closing ceremony 
    • Excursion in the afternoon (Vienna in general, The jewish Vienna, Bus tour Wachau and visit of our second campus, …

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