TIG: Movement, Play, Health and Outdoor learning

15.00-15.10 Welcome.

TIG and CO-TIG leaders Anne Bahrenscheer and Mats Johnsson.

Short presentation.  

All participants present themselves – your name, home institution.


1. Presentation and discussion.

Cathy Crabbe, Docent &  Leertrajectbegeleider, Onderwijsgroep lerarenopleiding, Educatieve Bachelor lager onderwijs

Presentation of a ‘good?’ practice: a new course in teachereducation: Neighbourhood and Outdoor Learning at KdG university.

From small practical examples, linked to theoretical insights and research, we discuss the advantages of outdoor education, but also the practical obstacles. Subjects like maths, French, Dutch etc. lend themselves as well to outdoor education as world orientation. It is better to go outside for a short time every day than to spend three days in outdoor classrooms once a year. We link these insights to the powerful learning environment. As the lessons progress, students design more and more goal oriented outdoor activities.

A quick view on how we’ve developed this new course, thanks to the inspiring moments in ETEN conferences in this TIG the previous years.


Mats Johnsson, Assistant Professor, International Coordinator, President ETEN, Department of Sport Sciences, Faculty of Education and Society, Malmö University

Eva Rose Rechnagel, Lektor, sundhedsfremme, friluftsliv og bevægelse, AMR, Faculty of Social Education, Social Work and Administration, Department of Social Education, Social Education, Social and Special Pedagogy

2. Presentation and discussion.

COIL-ETEN, Parkour.

16.10- 16.25

Discussion in small groups. How is our TIG in movement, play health and outdoor learning going to develop in the future? What is your perspective on the TIG? How can we become a strong group, and collaborate with each other for instance in coils?

Please send your thoughts in writing to AB4@kp.dk

16.25- 16.30

Goodbye for now, see you at the next ETEN conference.

Anne Bahrenscheer, Department of social education.
Lecturer, Movement, play and health. TIG leader: Movement, play, health and outdoor learning.

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