TIG: Internationalisation

 Digital Conference: April 23rd 2021 

Internationalisation TIG Agenda Our link will be https://mau-se.zoom.us/j/6599993613215.00  Approx.. Welcome and Introductions: Ben Bartels  The TIG Programme: Karen Hudson 
15.10  Approx..Presentation 1: Prof. Dr. Anatoli Rakhkochkine, Maximilian Höldl and Maren Hanneken Potentials and Limits of the Internationalisation of Curricula  in Teacher Education Programmes 
15.30  Approx..Presentation 2: Zdeněk Janík and David Košatka  Developing a long-term internationalization strategy: A case study from the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University 
15.50  Approx..Group discussion in break-out rooms: Examples of good practice of virtual/blended international cooperation during the pandemic. Many ETEN members have continued to offer international experiences to their students despite the global travel restrictions caused by COVID-19.  Please come to these small group sessions ready to share the ways in which you have re-invented and re-imagined internationalisation in the last year.  Please remember to elect a scribe who can take notes and feedback to the other groups in the Plenary Session. 
16.15  Approx..Plenary:  Break-out group feedback and suggestions for next year. 
16.25  Approx..End of session 

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