The history of ETEN?

Dear friends,
Dear ETEN family,

As you ( probably) know we are with a group of 4 working on a (THE) ETEN History book.
( Annette Bruun , Helle Schousboe, Astrid van Schoonacker and Astrid de Keizer)

Several chapters will give attention to the passed years
Events, interviews, a succes story of a TIG, the JETEN and how ETEN members deal with calamity.
And so is the pandemic COVID-19 also a global issue which had it’s influence on ETEN.

So hereby the question:
I’m gathering stories about your experiences with COVID-19 and ETEN
COIL, online conferences, many online board meetings  and all that came and comes with it.

Please will you write me just a few lines or pages whatever you like.

And might it be possible to send it to me before the 12th of May.

Warm regards,
From a stormy, rainy but sometimes also sunny Holland!
But the fields here around are all covered and colored  with tulips so nothing to complain 🙂

Warm regards,

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  1. I am looking forward to this exciting book og ETEN’s history.


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