New ETEN member – PXL Belgium

PXL University of Applied Sciences and Arts is a young dynamic and vibrant organisation; a centre of expertise for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. PXL offers professional bachelor programmes in Business, Education, Healthcare, IT, Media&Tourism, Music, Social Work and Technology, and bachelor and master programmes in Arts

Read more here – follow the links in the presentation! Lots of films and information!

PXL homepage

Welcome to ETEN!

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  1. Hi Mats, Their name is PXL (not PXP). Clicking on the link doesn’t bring me to their presentation but to Thinglink login (?) Maybe because I’m trying with my IPhone…

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone



    • I think it’s correct (I’ve adjusted the headline).

      I believe Thinglink is just a frame for different links and you shouldn’t have to log in. Just walk your own path.


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