ETEN – a world of exchange possibilities

One important part of the ETEN mission is internationalisation. We hope you will be inspired by these offers from ETEN members.

Link ETEN International Weeks, Summer courses & other activities

Link Student Placement Opportunities

Link Student Exchange Courses

  • Promote opportunities for exchange and/or visits of individual and/or groups of students as part of their programmes of study (inclusive of teaching experience, practical training, curriculum work and research);
  • Involve as many students as possible in ETEN programmes during their studies;
  • Offer at least one international student activity within ETEN, in English, each year for each member institution individually or in co-operation with other member institutions to ;
  • Promote opportunities for exchange and/or visits of staff members in relation to student education, teaching, school development, curriculum development and research;
  • Involve as many staff as possible in ETEN programmes each year;
  • Promote opportunities within teacher and social educator education programmes and school practice to incorporate comparative and intercultural perspectives on education;
  • Promote opportunities for cross-national and international collaboration in research and development;

Do you want to add something to the list – please use this page! Do you have any experience from international exchange – we love to publish an inspiring story!
Do you want to promote the offer from your university in a separate post?

Please contact Mats Olsson!

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