Unfolding COIL Didactics – in Copenhagen

Kick off transnational meeting at KP, working on our ETEN Erasmus KA202 project UCOILD, “Unfolding COIL Didactics”.
Great to be with good ETEN colleagues again , looking so much forward to be working with you for the next three years, Mondragon, OsloMet and HvA. Thank you so much for a very promising Kick Off. We will share our project with the ETENs in Vienna in “Internationalisation TIG” and hopefully inspire more colleagues to work with COIL

Annette Bruun

International coordinator and assistant Professor

University College Copenhagen

Department of Early Childhood and Social Education

0045 41897830


Categories: Coil, Internationalisation, News

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  1. Good luck, colleagues! Looking forward to your work which will be an asset for our members´ work in internationalisation, I m sure.


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