Vacant seats in the board for election – please apply now!

To keep the ETEN ship on track we are looking for new people in the board. It is nice and important to contribute to this excellent network by doing service in the board.

For the April meeting in Venna, there are 3 vacant seats for election. Karine Hindrix and Yan David Vargas will leave. President Mats Johnsson is up and run for a second period of two years. Please read the enclosed manual for applying and send your application to the ETEN-secretariat not later than Friday April 8th.

The election committee will look at the applications and will propose and present the candidates to the meeting.

Guidelines for ETEN nomination committee
Being a member of the ETEN Board is a position of great responsibility and commitment. Due to the new non-profit nature of ETEN, as well as the many rewarding but challenging tasks at hand, board members should bring an ideal set of personal traits, experience, and skills to properly serve the organization in the best possible way. Board members should ideally also represent diversity, age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, etc., to ensure appropriate representation of the ETEN community.
The ETEN Board Nomination Committee is entrusted to find, among the serving ECOs and TIG-leaders, those who, in their unbiased and uncompromised opinion, will provide sound leadership and guidance to the ETEN Members. These future board members will not only bring skills but also ensure ETEN’s organizational sustainability and effectiveness.

Profile of nominee:
● Being an engaged member of ETEN for a minimum of 3 years
● Attended most of the conferences for the recent years
● ECO or TIG-leader
● Provide a good motivation letter

On behalf of the ETEN-board

Sigurd Rimmelzwaan

ETEN Secretariat

European Teacher Education Network vzw

Léon Mignonstraat 3,1030  Brussels, Belgium
Enterprise No. 0708.961.914 / RPR Leuven

ETEN vzw is VAT exempt as a non-profit organization under Belgian legislation


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