Quality in PE-teaching

In the TIG Movement. Play and Outdoors, Stine Degerbol and Mats Johnsson from Malmö University presented a workshop on quality in PE-teaching.

The workshop was composed by a set of moves based on “Counter balancing”, basic Acrobatics moves. As a participant in the work shop the participants joined in on their own terms to explore on “how does it feel”. 

With discussions on inductive learning processes and aesthetic didactics and with gentle and easy listening to ‘how does it feel’, the participants practiced, reflected and discussed. With the workshop the presenters wish to highlight and define future research and to develop best practice.

Physical Education are in many countries regarded as a subject simply to activate young people. We would claim that there is a lack of quality in PE. With quality we mean that young learners being able to control and feel comfortable with their own body and moves. This can be considered as Physical Literacy. Physical Literacy can be defined as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in any physical activity during life (Whitehead, 2013

Our point of departure for today’s workshop derives from ‘how to provide opportunities for quality in movement?’ We consider embodiment from an existential perspective (Merleau-Ponty, 1945) and we work curiously with aesthetic learning (Austring and Sørensen, 2011) in PE. We are inspired by the term physical literacy (Whitehead, 2001) and we like to implement an experienced based learning situation focusing on ‘how does it feel?’ (Degerbøl, 2017). We are curious to develop aesthetic didactics in PETE/PE because it seems like there is an unmistakable tendency to regard the physical part of learning, as a kind of addition to “real” learning (Ileris, 2015). We ask: How to teach with an inductive teaching style to create an explorative learning environment that invites for embodied awareness? 

Mats och Stine




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