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”The Board at the museum”

I´m sorry I haven´t been able to cover all TIGs (or sessions). I guess you know why.

It´s time to wrap things up! My plan is to present the material from the conference on the platform.

I´ll try to explain how I think!

1) If you have a scientific article and think it would meet the criterias for JETEN – do not hesitate to send it directly to Michel Hogenes. ( You can read all about the publishing process here.

2) If you have other kinds of material (photos, ppt, articles …) you might want to share – please upload it in this google drive folder.
It would be wonderful if this works, but the method is a bit scary because everybody with the link and a google account can edit. Do not erase anything if you are not absolutely sure of what you´re doing!
After a week I will limit these rights to “view only”.

3) Please send PowerPoint and articles as .pdf! (Photos are ok in most formats). It would make my life so much easier!

4) If you can´t manage google drive , you can send material by mail. But, please try first!

5) It´s possible to go through the platform and the post Fast information, discussions and more” and use the ultimate password (you might ask your TIG leader if in doubt) . But I guess it will be more convenient to use this link. If you use Chrome and a Google account it will be quite easy!

Hope you´re having a great last day. I might be able to help some of you Saturday

Thanks again!

Mats Olsson. Mail


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