Arts Education

Aims and vision of the TIG:
The Arts Education TIG was birthed at the 2005 ETEN conference in Macedonia. We are interested in looking at the arts we teach to pupils in schools, to students in universities and also from within our national cultures. We recognize the arts cross subject boundaries and are very powerful in affecting people – whether through visual art, performance arts or a combination of all. In the coming year we hope to focus on the issues we identified last few years. What are the School Arts in practice? Especially in post modern and multi-cultural societies: how can they further enrich and develop the lives and experiences of the pupils? Perhaps you have a view or experience to share? We look forward to meeting you. No one is allowed to simply read a paper to the TIG, so we look forward to interesting presentations, discussions and workshops. If you intend joining us, you must be prepared to sing, create images, acknowledge your emotions and possibly dance!

Name of TIG leader and contact details:
Dr. Michel Hogenes
The Hague University of Applied Sciences,
The Netherlands
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​The next annual conference will be in: 

Vienna, Austria
April 21-23, 2022

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