Aims and vision of the TIG:
The TIG-internationalisation has a focus on sharing and exploring ideas, concepts, strategies, good practices and expertise within Internationalisation in all forms of education. The TIG also promotes the cooperation and collaboration between the members of the ETEN-Network. The TIG is an open forum for all International Challenges such as programmes/curricula, procedures and policy.

Format of the sessions:
The TIG Internationalisation has agreed on the following format for its meeting: 

  • a limited number of presentations (max. 30 minutes) will be selected; the content of session (preferably interactive) should be appealing to all participants.
  • participants are asked to hand in items, ideas for workshops related to the focus of the sub-group.
  • short report from the different sub-interest groups, evaluation and ideas for the next conference. 

Topic(s) for next conference:
Professional identity – an international perspective.

The Plenary session
How to use the conference theme as a vehicle for international innovation, sharing expertise/example of good practice and joint education.

ETEN conference, Nürnberg, Germany
April 13-15, 2023 Deadline 1st of February 2023

Call for papers and and presentations deadline, Februari 1´

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Name of TIG leader and contact details:
Dr. Michel Hogenes
The Hague University of Applied Sciences,
The Netherlands
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Ms. Karen Hudson
Director of International Development and Recruitment
Northumbria University, Newcastle
United Kingdom
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