The previous message – please read the latest information!

 Important information regarding the ETEN Conference 23-25 April 2020 in Esbjerg  – this information is old. Please read the new!

 Dear all, 

We are all concerned about the Coronavirus situation. Many national and institutional bodies have imposed travel bans on their staff. 

It is difficult to predict how this evolves but we have little reason to think that it changes for the better soon. Therefore, UC SYD and Mats Johnsson, President of the ETEN Board, have discussed the situation and possible measures in depth. 

At this point in time, we are not yet considering a cancellation of the ETEN Conference in Esbjerg 2020. We follow the recommendations and restrictions from the Danish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Danish Health Authority, but we must emphasise that currently no guests from high risk regions will be allowed to take part in the con-ference. This includes Iran, China, Japan, and Northern Italy (up-dated on 9 March 2020). 

A final decision will be taken and communicated on 24 March 2020

Finally, we respect recommendations and restrictions for other coun-tries. Therefore, if you already know that you are not allowed to travel to Denmark under the current circumstances, we accept your can-cellation and shall, if possible, partly refund your registration fee. 

However, no refund will be made before 24 March, where the amount will be decided on and communicated according to our final decision about the conference. 

We appreciate your understanding. 

Best regards, 

Mats Johnsson, President of ETEN 

Mette Ernlund, Head of Internationalisation UC SYD 

Birgitte Lund, International Coordinator, Teacher Education Campus Esbjerg 

UC SYD Degnevej 16 6705 Esbjerg Ø 7266 2000 EAN 57 98 000 55 46 34 CVR 30 84 04 02 

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