Vol 14 (2019)

ETEN Conference 2018

Selected papers presented at the ETEN Annual Conference (2018) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Table of Contents

Isabel Vale, José Portela

Mathematics Education

Young children representing data
Joana Ribeiro, Ema Mamede
PDF 1-15

Movement, Play, Health and Outdoor Learning

Children’s favorite places on the kindergarten playground – according to the staff
Anikke Hagen, Hilde Nancy Skaug, Kari Synnes
PDF 16-28
Exploring how preschool teachers can secure the evolution of day care institution’s culture for applying Risky Play and development for children’s personal-, motor- and social skills
Anne Bahrenscheer, Mathilde Sederberg
PDF 29-38
Involving students in teachers` research – a way to improve the quality in higher education?
Heid Osnes, Hilde Nancy Skaug
PDF 39-49
Children’s use of playgrounds. Limiting children’s agency by parental choices
Miriam K. Damrow
PDF 50-63

Reflective Learning and Teaching for Thinking

Project-based learning in initial teacher training curricula: Incorporating a visual method to enhance student agency and reflexive engagement in the learning process
Chris Warnock, Jill Duncan
Reflecting on the influence of language on teachers’ instructional skills
Pascale Boissonnet

Special Education Needs

Reflections on four ideological models in Special Education
Boaz Tsabar, Orly Ido
PDF 86-101

Teaching and Learning Science & Technology

Iterative development of engineering in school teaching capacities in Danish primary and lower secondary schools.
Peer Schrøder Daugbjerg, Martin Krabbe Sillasen

Urban Education

Challenges facing the implementation of children’s rights in primary schools in Ethiopia
Elisabeth Almaz B. Eriksen, Demelash Kassaye Debalkie
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