Vol 12 (2017)

ETEN Conference 2016

Selected papers presented at the ETEN Annual Conference (2016) in Setúbal, Portugal

Table of Contents

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Arts Education

Teaching Training in Art and Craft: Drawing as a Performative Act
Samira Jamouchi

Education Technology

Teaching Computational Thinking to Primary School Students via Unplugged Programming Lessons
Hylke H Faber, Menno D M Wierdsma, Richard P Doornbos, Jan Salvador van der Ven, Kevin de Vette

Movement, Play, Health and Outdoor Learning

The Belief in Outdoor Play and Learning
Cato Tandberg, Karen Marie Eid Kaarby

Mathematics Education

A Didactic Proposal to Develop Critical Thinking in Mathematics: The Case of Tomás
Lina Fonseca, Sónia Arezes
The Importance of Seeing in Mathematics Communication
Isabel Vale, Ana Barbosa

Reflective Learning and Teaching for Thinking

How Can a Blended Learning Environment Enhance Job-Related Competencies of In-Service Physical Educators? –Development and Implementation of a Web-Based Video Analysis Service (EQUEL)
Thomas Borchert, Ralf Schloeffel
Skill Based Teacher Education in Blended Learning Scenarios
Ralf Schlöffel, Thomas Borchert
#FramingFragmentsofThought – Exploring the Role of Social Media, in Developing Emergent Reflective Practitioners in Initial Teacher Training
Chris Warnock

Urban Education

Can International Practicum Foster Intercultural Competence Among Student Teachers?
Gerd Wikan, Jorgen Klein
Changing Areas, Spaces and Places in Kindergartens for More Playing, Learning and Exploration
Christian Nordahl Rolfsen, Bente Fønnebø
How Can a Focus on Teacher Well-being in Pre-service Training Promote the Resilience of Primary School Student Teachers?
Sissel Tove Olsen
A Preliminary Study of the Effects of a Cultural Immersion Program on Boosting Multicultural Teaching Competence
Yao Fu, Jiaxi Wang, George Bieger
Developing the Historical Literacy Skills of Adolescents Who Struggle with Reading and Writing: Group and Individual Responses to Instruction
Daniel Wissinger, Becky A Knickelbein, George Bieger

Student-Teacher Transition

The Value of a Bachelor Thesis
Mart Ottenheim

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